What is Notifi

Notifi is a service which monitors your business bank accounts and informs you systematically of EFTs (Internet Banking transfers) received.

It is intended for businesses who receive a large amount of EFTs (Internet Banking transfers) from their clients during the course of their business and need a fast and automated way of being notified of these EFTs.

How does it all work

Notifi has developed technology which is capable of monitoring bank accounts at ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank and FNB (First National Bank) through the use of regular internet banking.

Notifi monitors any accounts you specify on a regular basis (eg. every 30 minutes) and informs your systems whenever there are new transactions.

What do I need to use Notifi

All you need is one or more bank accounts at ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank or FNB as well as an online system we can integrate into.

Where do I sign up?

Please contact us in order to enquire about signing up for our service.